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This. Has. Been. The. Worst. Day. Of. My. Life.

I don't think anyone will read this but i dont really care, i just need to write about how shit i feel.

So i slept round my friends house last night, woo freaking hoo, and she wanted to go to bed at 9.30pm, and i was like.... umm ok. So i did but i couldn't sleep because her house is like SOOOO dark and i was scared LOL. So in the morning, she woke me up at 7.30am and i was just like....... piss off please. But noo, i had to go home at 8.30 (i was TIRED)

Soo there i was, tired, hungry, in pain, and i go on my computer then i get told that i am a crap roleplayer, (not those exact words but i cant explain) so i was fucked off about that haha

OH and i have suffered with heart burn ALL day and i tell yah it is HORRIBLE *crys*

Later on, i went back round my friends house to watch Remember Me, and was like, yaaay R patz will cheer me up, but she couldn't find the disc so we watched New Moon instead. And I am pretty bored of that film now so that was shit. Then I went straight to my dads house which was okay cos he bought me a burger and we watched funny tv, haha.

But when I got home, i faced the harsh reality that my easter holidays are now over and i have to go to fucking college tomorrow. AND I have an assignment due in THREE DAYS, and i haven't even started. I have to go back to the nursery on thursday too.

And basically, every single person i have spoken to today, i have wanted to punch in the face. I am in a foul mood. Foul.

OMG, and when i was walking to my friends house, i saw this BIAAATCH and she like laughed at me as i walked by.... i was like, 'is there somethin funny bitch?' i hate her, always hated her at school. Stupid ass hole.

And to top it off, I was actually happy cos my mum was buying pizza for dinner. But it was HORRIBLE, so i'm like...... wtf god? do you really hate me that much to take away the sweet taste of pizza?

i want to kill myself.

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(Deleted comment)
Thankoooo luff, but i really am quite rubbish, soooo i need to gets better at that :)

Yup, the pizza was the only good part of my day and it turned out bad :'( & i luh you toooooo duckie ^_^

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