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This post is dedicated to this stamp:


I haven't posted an entry for AGES, so I thought I would update everyone on my life so far. It's election day today and I AM SO MAD that I am not 18 and can't vote. If David Cameron wins..I will move countries.

Then my mum came home and said she voted for HIM. and I wanted to punch her....

Moving on....... I got my assigment back the other day and I got a REFER (It means I failed miserablly) It's even lower than an F. Lmao!!! Shitee. To top that off, I had an exam - which was the toughest thing EVER!!! :( Don't do childcare's hard.

In Snitchseeker news (LOL) - I applied to be a Division Head the other day hahaha

Uhm... I haven't got much else to say other than I hate my life.


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LOL aww you look gorgeous by the way I remember! I feel happy somehow knowing that skins_rating is your fav comm! <3

Oh thankooo luff *blushes*
Oh yes for sure!!! I love it soo much!! :)

Emilyyyy, I have an important question for you. :) I really want to start watching Skins, but I don't know where to watch the show (online, for free). Do you have any links to provide? :)


Well I watch them on YouTube but I don't think that's available anywhere other than England..

You can try:

That - if it doesn't work then i'll find more for you! :)

It says it won't work for me because I live in the US. Thank you though. :)

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